Wiikey Nintendo Wii Mod Chips – Build Your Import Wii Game Collection In The Slow Summer Months

As seems to be the nature of things in video game releases, the summer time is almost always the slowest time of year. It’s been this way since the days of the Super Nintendo system (and the corresponding system from Sega, the Genesis). The trend looks to continue this year with the Nintendo Wii. So what is an avid gamer to do once they’ve finished all of the current games in their collection?

While many games often have great replay value, playing it on a different difficulty setting, or playing it in two player mode with a friend. We’re often left wanting an waiting in the summer time for new game releases. Going to your local Blockbuster or EBGames to buy another new game is simply not an option.

This is where import games come into play. While state side we’ve run out of games to buy (and play) and wanting for more, there are a whole slew of games being released (or games that have already been released) in Japan and Europe, that are sure to keep you busy during the slow summer months here in the USA and Canada. You can certainly keep yourself busy and playing without having to rely on the release dates for games here in North America. And while we can safely assume that all games from England and Europe are multi-lingual, meaning that they have an English option available. Even many of the Japanese games that have been released offer a full gaming experience simply because many of the prompts, words, information screens are all in English. สมัครสล็อตออนไลน์

It’s important for me to point out however that even with all of these great games coming out in Japan and Europe while we’re dealing with the slow down in game released here in North America, you can’t just pop these games into your Nintendo Wii and expect them to load. You’ll need a Nintendo Wii Mod chip like the Wiikey or the Cyclowiz [http://www.ps2cover.com/cyclowiz-nintendo-wii-mod-chip.shtml] or one of the many other Wii Modchips on the market today. This is because the Nintendo Wii, like the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube before it, has region coding on their games. Much like a DVD movie that is meant to play in a certain region of the world, video games are also the same. So if you want to play a Japanese game on your North American or European Nintendo Wii, you simply won’t be able to do it without a mod chip.

With all of the mod chips on the market now for the Nintendo Wii, you’ll have no problem picking on that’s suitable for you, and being able to play it right away. Don’t be afraid of installing a mod chip, they are easy to do, and require fairly little skill as far as soldering goes. You won’t regret the 20 – 30 minutes it’ll take you to install it – the rewards are far to great. Being able to expand your software library by hundreds of games right after you install your Nintendo Wii Modchip.

Konami, Hudson and Tecmo are preparing new games to be released on the Nintendo Wii in Japan. These game are slated for release in either June or July. here are just a few of the many Nintendo Wii Import Games you could soon be playing.

First to the plate (okay, the pun IS intended) is Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Wii. This big headed baseball game from Konami is similar to the PS2 Version that is available already. The Wii version will however have an exclusive “REMO PAWA” (remote power) mode where you would use the Wiimote to swing and pitch the ball, making for a truly interactive game experience. On a side note, I have always thought that sports games would benefit the most from the way we play games on the Nintendo Wii – and this game shows that perhaps I may have been right. The release date is July 19th for this game.

The next game will be an action game from Tecmo. Though no details have as yet been released for this game, it is, as said by the famous Famitsu game magazine in Japan, a good, and much needed action game for the Nintendo Wii. While it may seem a but mysterious that there aren’t any additional details, this is often common in Japan – even when the game is just a month from being released.

And finally, the last of the the games in this article is a jigsaw puzzle game (yes, jigsaw puzzles on the Wii CAN be fun you know!). Entitled Jigsaw Puzzle Kyou no Wanko, which roughly translates to Jigsaw Puzzle: Today’s Dog in English. This game features jigsaw puzzles based around the popular (in Japan anyway) Kyou no Wanko segment that airs early mornings on Fuji Television in Japan. While it may not be your next first person shooter – it can offer several hours of party fun with your friends and family (and a great way to show your parents that you’re actually using your brain while playing a game too). The release date for this game is set at July 29th.

How to Write Flash Games – A Guide to Flash Game Development

Flash games have become more and more popular in recent years. While the demand for new games continues to increase, the number of developers seems to remain comparatively static. The reason for that might be that developing Flash games requires such a diverse range of skills.

Of course, to make Flash games a competence in Flash is required, but that alone is not enough. A good Flash games developer needs programming skills, graphical skills, audio skills, not to mention a good analytical mind, a methodical way of working through problems, and the patience to see a project through to completion. Here is a rough outline of how a single developer might tackle the problem of writing a Flash game from scratch.

Planning and design

Games are complex pieces of software. Even a small puzzle game written in Flash is likely to include several main screens or game states, multiple movieclips which may be nested (giving multiple timelines), one or more actionscipt files and possibly actionscript on the timeline, graphical elements either drawn in Flash or embedded in either bitmap or vector formats, and audio files.

With so many elements, sitting down at a computer with Flash open and starting to code is very unlikely to produce a satisfactory result. Whenever I start to write a new game I first start with a pen and paper, initially with a description of how I’ll go about writing the game, then with lists of game starts and main functionality, then with list of assets required. Only then, once I have a good idea of how the game will be written can I start to collate assets, and begin to write the game.


Once a design has been drafted, the next step is to write a mock-up game in Flash. The idea of this stage is to write the code in Flash for the game to be functional, without worrying too much about how the game looks. I often use place holder graphics at this stage, which will later be swapped with graphics produced by an artist, and unless it is integral to the game I leave the audio out entirely.

Graphics and audio

Once the mock-up has been written, and tested, the next stage is to integrate the graphics and audio. If the design phase was completed carefully with consideration to the graphics and audio, the artists (if the developer is not creating the graphics themselves) can be producing the graphical assets while the mock-up is being created. This allows the graphics and audio to be integrated relatively quickly and easily, and the game is now fully tested again.

Final touches

Only after the game is virtually complete do final touches such as introduction and end of level screens, or preloaders get added. This allows testing to be much quicker and easier as the tester doesn’t have to repeatedly click through spurious intro screens.

As we have seen, even a simple Flash game is a complicated project to take on. However, with careful planning and by breaking the project down into sensibly sized modules a competent Flash developer can easily tackle small games projects alone, especially if they have the help of an artist for the graphics and audio. สล็อตโจ๊กเกอร์

If you’ve not written a game from scratch before then consider making modifications to an existing game first. That will give you experience working on games, and the confidence to take on larger projects from scratch in the future.

Writing Flash games can be a highly rewarding skill, both intellectually and financially, but tackling a project too large too early is a common mistake. If you’re new to writing Flash games start small, and learn how to write a Flash game the right way before moving on to bigger projects!