Walking Safaris Are Popular With Travelers After the Highest Levels of Thrills

There is a certain quality, a certain mystique to the landscapes and the magnificent wildlife found in Africa that simply draws people to that wonderful land. Many people have long-standing dreams of finding a way to experience Africa first-hand. Walking safaris are just one of many types of desert safari holidays that people can take that will allow them to soak up the unique and special characteristics of African safari travel.

A walking safari allows the adventuresome traveler to truly get “up close” and “personal” with the wilds of this vast and amazing continent. Walking quietly through an African safari wildlife park that is known to be inhabited by big game and other wild animals is a completely different experience that allows the visitor the opportunity to begin to feel as though they are part of the overall wilderness experience.

This is quite a contrast to simply sitting in a vehicle and watching the scenery and wildlife pass by. Walking safaris have much more potential for interaction and more meaningful experiences out in the tall grass of the savannas or in the tangled territory of the jungles.

Of course, this also means that it is important to have skilled, knowledgeable and experienced safari travel guides leading the walking safari. Indeed, it would be completely foolhardy to undertake such an endeavor without a safari guide nearby and well-armed. And, this does serve to highlight the fact that a walking safari can be more dangerous because the participants are not protected by vehicles, which can speed away from danger at high speeds.

Instead, a successful walking safari relies on keen observation skills that an experienced safari guide will bring to the expedition. Such guides will lead the safari travel guests into locations where they can enjoy better and closer views of the wildlife, while at the same time assuring their safety to the best of their abilities. Depending on the size of the safari group, there may be several guides and staff members who travel armed and ready to defend and protect.

With a walking safari there is the potential to encounter just about any type of wild beast or bird that is native to the area. A common sight is a giraffe grazing on the juicy, tender leaves up in the tree tops, an enormous elephant pushing over an old tree, an African savanna buffalo at a watering hole, or even scavengers picking over what is left of yesterdays kill.