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In 2003, Walmart made the retail industry’s initial steps with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) supplier requirement when it announced a pallet and case level tagging initiative. Currently, over 600 suppliers are participating in the initiative. Today, Walmart requires that its top suppliers must be RFID compliant, at the pallet and outer case level. Many suppliers have already been notified regarding their target compliance dates. As time progresses RFID benefits will continue to surface as well as the technology will become cheaper and easier to integrate. asda walmartone login

Companies such as Conair, one of Walmart’s top 100 suppliers, reports that the item-level tagging showed immediate benefits on Conair’s end, resulting in improved visibility of their products along the entire supply chain, automated order fulfillment, improved inventory management, reduced shrinkage and faster reconciliation of shipped versus received product. Since adopting RFID technology, Conair has reported increases in sales with Sam’s Club, a direct result of its revamped, automated operations. In addition to Conair, the largest food supplier in the Nordics, Matiq, is using it as we speak for traceability.

Through these defining initiatives, the retail industry continues to realize the tremendous gains derived from RFID technology and its application throughout the retailer/supplier distribution chain. 8th and Walton’s RFID 101 course, in partnership with OTA Training, is meant for those looking toward the future of their supply chain and who are serious about gaining a competitive edge in a struggling economically.