Kaya Dental Offers New, Affordable Option for Buying Dental Supplies

Those who buy on behalf of dental practices have so many needs for the office — from Small dental equipment like ultrasonic cleaners and curing lights to Dental Supplies like disposable gowns,Kaya Dental Offers New, Affordable Option for Buying Dental Supplies Articles gloves and beyond.

And they now have a new choice in the dental supply landscape, as a new online retailer, Kaya Dental, offers comprehensive product selection and convenient online purchasing options.

Why buy dental equipment and supplies online from Kaya Dental?

Kaya Dental is a one-stop resource, offering you everything you’ll need to stock your practice from one destination. No need to visit multiple sites Toothpaste to stock your shelves; just browse our extensive selection.
Time saving. If you’re tired of the process of skipping from one retailer to another, trying to remember passwords and nuances of each destination, this is where that frustation ends. We know you’re probably tired of typing in search terms like “Dental Supplies USA” and “where can I buy dental equipment?” Everything you need is right here in one website at Kaya Dental.
Cost-effective. We offer the cost-saving advantage of free shipping on any purchase over $200 and $9.99 flat shipping on any purchase under $200.
Do Good. This is our motto at Kaya Dental, because every order does something good for someone in need: A portion of every single purchase goes to dental charities that help those less fortunate with life-improving dental care.


What kinds of dental supplies can I find at Kaya Dental?

Our easy-to-navigate site will show you the many options available to your dental practice. Looking for any of the following?

Top-name anesthetics: Manufacturers like Quala, Setpodont, Beutlich, Sultan, Monoject, Exel and more are all available from Kaya. We have a simple interface, pictures and product descriptions, so you’ll ensure you’re getting the right anesthetic every time.

Curing lights and replacement parts

Kaya Dental features the AB Dental Curing Light. While some curing lights are large, heavy, awkward to use in tight spaces and limited to a single dental task, the AB Curing Light is anything but. Click here to learn more about it. Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nieA0H1Rop4

Impression materials

Every dental practice has their personal favorites, so if you’re a fan ofPulpdent,Quala, Septodont, Sultan, Zhermack, EPR Industries,IndiGreen Innovations or Pro Advantage, you’re in luck with Kaya Dental.

Hygiene supplies

From toothpastes to mouthwash, topicals to floss, whitening strips to toothbrushes, we have everything you’ll need to keep your patients’ smiles happy and healthy.